It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to Sri Venkateshwara College of Nursing!

Nursing Education has been the nucleus of our health system. With this in mind, Sri Venkateshwara College of Nursing was established in 2003 under a registered Trust under the Karnataka Govt. Act. Entering its sixteenth year, SVCN remains deeply rooted in its commitment to quality education. Our college is well known for inculcating intrinsic values in our students that make them better professionals.

We never settle for anything but excellence. Our path towards success is a planned road, and not just a happy accident. Our staff and students exhibit their creativity, innovation and improvisation to achieve the best and broaden the horizons of what knowledge is today.

Most nurses in developed countries are well-trained nursing practitioners who are fully independent and are qualified to provide primary care. They are also trained to attend special care in the rest of the world, including India.

Our students are mentored with the aim of meeting global needs. We have commendable achievements not only in academia but also in sports, cultural, and other extra-curricular activities. After all, a happy, wholesome individual makes for a world-class professional.

Today due to our state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, quality education and placement facilities, SVCN has become the preferred education destination for students both from India and abroad.

My message to my students - "Take good care of your reputation because it is going to live longer than you."

I wish all my students a bright future!

Dr. G. Narayan

Psychiatrist, Moline, Ilinois, USA


Dear Students,

With immense pleasure, I welcome you to Sri Venkateshwara School & College of Nursing. Started in 2003, we have never looked back in our zeal for success. Situated in a sprawling campus, SVCN is the most suitable institution for nursing aspirants

Healthcare education has undergone tremendous change during the past few years. The nurse's profession today is very challenging and it is the right time for young students to rise to this challenge. Our aim is to train dynamic nursing professionals at SVCN to meet global challenges.

I welcome students who aspire to take up this profession on par with their international counterparts. Our, institution, with a high moral profile and the support of my experienced academicians, today commits to nurturing high quality healthcare professionals.

We offer M. Sc Nursing, B. Sc Nursing, Post Basic B. Sc Nursing and General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) courses. Building an all-round personality is por aim. We also focus on communication, team-building, leadership, creativity and other so skills that go hand-in-hand to make a professional thrive in the real world.

After four decades of international exposure, I have taken up the mantle of educating and train young minds to become nursing professionals. Today, I'm proud that our alumni occupy coveted positions in reputed health care organisations all over the world, and that in itself speaks volumes about the college and it's success. The sky is our limit and I'm totally dedicated to inspire my students to wholeheartedly perform their roles to best of their ability. I pray to God almighty to give me the strength to excel in my duty to bring SVCN as the best nursing institution in the world.

Regards and wishes,

Jayanthi Narayan

From DIRECTOR's Desk

Dear Students,

A hearty welcome to all of you on behalf of Sri Venkateshwara School and College of Nursing, an institution with a difference in our approach and philosophy.

An academic institution should not provide only degrees to students. Instead, it should help students develop the right attitude, an inquisitive and inquiring mind along with a wide approach to assimilate knowledge and disseminate amongst all. Trained and guided nursing professionals are the need of the hour for any nation's development.

At SVCN, students are expected to have an enriching experience, helping them reach unimaginable heights in their professional life. We develop our students not only by providing academic exposure but also honing their skills and polishing them time and again so that when they enter their professional arena, they are fully transformed internally and externally.

Our highly qualified and experienced faculty not only keep themselves abreast of current development in nursing care but also contribute to the expansion and enrichment of knowledge with skills in their specific domain.

Providing ample educational opportunities is one of the most fundamental obligations each generation owes to the succeeding one. As a prospective student, you are welcome to explore options available to you in our academic programs at the Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

Too many students lack access to a high quality education. We at SVCN impart a highly enriched quality education that is accessible to anyone with the zeal to pursue their life as a healer.

Panic plays no part in the training of a nurse. We are proud to say that our students are well trained clinically to face any situation in their professional field. Our sincere gratitude to the partnering hospitals for providing excellent opportunities for our students during their clinical sessions. Hearty congratulations to our alumni who occupy positions in reputed healthcare organizations all over the world.

We teach and train students on how to do the job, and also focus on how to do it better. Our students are expected to demonstrate qualities of transparency, honesty, integrity, intimacy, dedication, obedience and an ability to be non-judgemental.

Being a nurse is not easy. In fact, it is extremely demanding and even unforgiving. Being around the ailing and frazzled for long hours and dealing with them continuously is very challenging. Only emotional stability and a stress-free mind can facilitate this goal. We train our nursing students to be compassionate and helpful and make them capable to make decisions to give the right medical care to patients in the absence of doctors through our Basic Life Support programs. Education plays a big role with certain innate qualities that make one nurse better than the other.

Our sincere gratitude to reputed partner hospitals for accepting our students wholeheartedly for their dedication and commitment to detail along with their professionalism. My goal of placing SVCN in the frontline of Ieading institutions of international repute is impossible without the support of Team SVCN - Kudos to my team!

We at SVCN are excited about our role in shaping India's future!

Dr. Jayashree K Kumar

M. S (Psychotherapy); M. Sc. (Psychology)

M.Sc. (Counselling); M. Sc. (Statistics); M. Ed.

PhD (Canada); PhD (India)