It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to Sri Venkateshwara College of Nursing.

Nursing profession has come a long way. It has been and it will be the nucleus of our health system and the first link of healthcare delivery. A dedicated nurse sets the healing process in moon from the first meeng with the paent and his/her family. A nurse's compassion negates apprehension in the mind of the paent and his/her family, and gives a great deal of relief and reassurance. Nursing has evolved over the years. This profession has served the ill and inept in public, private and natural disasters and on war fields with great deal of empathy.

Taking this profession, a step further is a new trend in the USA. Most nurses are now welltrained nursing praconers who are fully independent and are qualified to provide primary care. They are also trained to aend special care in psychiatry and other areas of health care delivery. I am sure the same trend will soon be a pracce in other countries including India.

We, at SVCN, provide quality nursing educaon to prepare students for a successful nursing career. We ensure our students are enlisted to meet any challenges in the profession with confidence. The goals will be achieved without shortcuts and compromises in quality of educaon, providing overall development of the individual. Our students are mentored with the aim of meeng global needs. As a medical praconer in the West, I am confident of moulding them with the appropriate atude and paence required to take care of the needy ones in the healthcare sector.

Thank you

Dr. G. Narayan



Moline, Ilinois, USA


Dear Students,

If you seek to serve, then SVCN is the instute that will prepare you to be a skilled nursing professional to serve with experse and love.

The healthcare industry is an ever-evolving sector with innovaons and new trends emerging to provide beer care and facilies to paents. If you have always sought to be a part of this industry, now is the right me to nurture a career. At SVCN we promise to train and groom such dynamic nursing professionals who cater to this industry. We are happy to welcome candidates who aspire to be successful nursing professionals on par with their internaonal counterparts. Our former students' success is a tesmony to the educaon and training provided at our instute.

We offer M. Sc Nursing, B. Sc Nursing, Post Basic B. Sc Nursing and General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM).

We ensure our students are trained as all-round individuals with a special focus on making them excellent healthcare professionals who will cater to the needy in our society. Apart from curricular and extra-curricular acvies, our students excel in communicaon, team-building, leadership, creavity and other so skills. This holisc approach has been our key to success so far.

With over four decades of experience in the USA, I have taken on this role with an ambion to educate and enable young scholars to become professional nursing individuals. I am proud of my students who are working all over the globe who are not only holding coveted posions but also spreading the rich cultural heritage of our country.

I pray to the Almighty to give strength and courage to my students to excel in this noble profession.


Mrs. Jayanthi Narayan

From DIRECTOR's Desk

Dear Students,

Welcome to Sri Venkateshwara College of Nursing, an instuon that represents quality in its programs and specificity in its philosophy.

As future healthcare experts, you will have to manage paents, technology and resources opmally. At SVCN you are being educated and trained to be a mul-faceted, skilled, allround professional with a futurisc perspecve, evolving with the dynamic healthcare industry.

Keeping the above in mind, we have recast the calendar of learning, growing, sharing and upgrading of knowledge. There will be equal emphasis on reflecon papers, environmental trend analysis and acon researches, these will enable you to appreciate what you learn and what you see happening worldwide. Communicaon is the backbone of both delegaon and monitoring. Keeping in view the cricality of communicaon, we are intensifying the English Language learning & usage program. Self- accountability and self- discipline is as fundamental as breathing is for survival.

Through value oriented educaon, we train students to acquire an overall personality. Personal effecveness is given prime importance. Our hospital internship from the very beginning gives our students a deep understanding of workplace issues.

The new era emphasizes on the applicaon of technology, cost-effecve strategies and decisions. By the me we try and adapt one level of technology, it would have been upgraded and we feel we are back to square one. Hence, we are adapng the methodology of educaon that only select instuons have experimented with and implemented. We are imparng knowledge through praccal exposure to live situaons in all facules.

Our world connues to shrink with the rapid technological, communicaon and transportaon advances. So it has become increasingly essenal that all of us have a much beer grasp and understanding of successful strategies and techniques. An open-mindset and adaptability is needed to be successful in our conduct with the global community.

Our aim is to remove mental blocks in youngsters, which are entrenched due to faulty educaon system. We are excited about our role in shaping India's future and do hope you are equally excited about being a part of SVCN.

Thank you

Dr. Jayashree K. Kumar

M. S (Psychotherapy); M. Sc. (Psycho)

M.Sc. (Coun); M. Sc. (Stat) M. Ed.

PhD (Canada); PhD (India)